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How to keep birds away – Some Important Tips

Pest birds are known to be quite a nuisance in both rural as well as urban areas. In the rural areas they cause a lot of loss in ripe fruits and crops by devouring the yield in orchards and fields. On the other hand, in the urban areas they cause a nuisance by defacing cars, buildings, swimming pools etc with their droppings. Not only this, the bird droppings are known to carry a number of dangerous communicable diseases. This is the reason why people want to know How To Keep Birds Away. However, it is a bit of a challenge to deter birds from landing, roosting and nesting without harming them. Let us look as some methods that can scare birds away without harming them.

The most common pest birds include feral pigeons, house sparrows, gulls and starlings. Almost all of them are scavengers and can survive in urban areas on scraps of food and by picking on garbage dumps. At the same time, they reproduce at a fast rate which has resulted in the increase in their populations. To add to it there are no predators to keep their mounting populations in check.

How To Keep Birds AwayUltrasonic repellants

Screaming or blasting horns is one of the ways that people used to scare away birds earlier, but nowadays there are bird deterrents that make use of ultrasonic sound that seems to scare birds away. These ultrasonic sounds emitted by these devices are similar to the distress calls or calls of predators. This is what scares away the birds and prevents them from landing. These devices are especially great for closed spaces like garages, overhangs and sheds, where sparrows, pigeons, gulls and starlings tend to gather in flocks. They also tend to roost and nest in nooks and corners in such areas. The ultrasonic bird repellant is a great way of how to keep birds away from such places.

Foggers or misters

These devices are popular among farmers in rural areas. These misters and foggers dispense a food grade, non lethal aerosol of methyl anthranilate which is harmless for the birds. In fact this chemical has even been approved by the EPA. This chemical irritates the birds flying through it and convinces them to stay away from that area. Some misters and foggers also have multiple remote spray nozzles which can be used to treat and pinpoint specific areas. These devices are excellent as bird deterrents for large open areas like orchards and fields.

Optical distraction zone

Such a zone is created with the use of banners and balloons of reflective iridescent foil or shiny tape. Some of the products that use such reflective foils and tape resemble the eyes of predators, which scare the birds and are a great way of how to keep birds away. Some of these products are especially designed for scaring away birds at night. The best part about these devices for scaring away birds is that they are low cost and easy to install. The best use of these devices can be made on boat docks, overhands, pool areas, gazebos etc. which are out in the open.

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